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The entire Kernan Family Circa 2005.jpg

"Our brother Joe was admired for his courage and achievements, a true hero. As a brother, Joe was the role model for his eight younger siblings and assumed that role at an early age. With his fun-loving nature, infectious laugh and elfin spirit, Joe instantly endeared himself to everyone. We always wanted to be around him, because he was just plain fun. There wasn’t a family event where Joe didn’t start a contest or game, he reveled in his victories, and he was happiest when he could best his nieces and nephews. Joe made a difference in all our lives, his caring and generosity inspired us and his competitive spirit and sense of humor were contagious. He had a knack for making you feel like  you were the most important person in the room. We will miss Joe. The booming laugh, the smile, the spark that he brought to any room,  the “Joe” that made him so special.


We are ever grateful to Maggie for her devotion to and love of Joe.


Shake down the thunder Joe – we love you.

                                                               -- The Kernan Family

"Ya know, at this very unsettling time we all are living through it's ironic and yet, at the same time, uplifting that Joe's frailty and becoming one with history has strengthened us all as we collectively and individually grieve for this wonderful human being we knew as “Joe-E’, our enormous anchor, our rock,our wondrous glue that held this loving family together. This surely is the time to honor his wishes and resolve to, like Joe, try to live by Joe's simple rules; be fair, be honest and don’t suffer fools easily.  Yet, let kindness reign."


                                               --Blair Einstein, Friend & Brother-in-Law

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